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Can Youth Pastors Reach Would-Be School Shooters?

Can Youth Pastors Reach Would-Be School Shooters?

I was following a thread of comments on Facebook recently regarding the recent school shooting in Parkland Florida. I shared with a fellow believer that I felt the answer to dealing with our crisis of school shootings in our public schools was a Christian issue. It's not a church issue it's a Christian issue!

I went on to say that we should mobilize the teens of this nation and even worldwide to reach out to these teenagers identified as the "Loners." The very next moment I felt a tugging in my heart to do something. In my heart I felt to declare a Clarion Call! I wanted to create something to reach out to this unique group of people, who need desperately what we have, a relationship with Jesus Christ. We as Christians need to reach out to these very-very alone kids the media keeps calling "loners."

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