Canceled Shows 2012 Include CSI, Gossip Girl to Follow?

Several shows for the 2012 television series have been canceled, but according to an ongoing poll it appears that many will not be missed.

"Gossip Girl" fans be wary. No, the show has not been canceled yet but it has been announced that the next season will be the show's last and the same will go for "30 Rock" according to the most recent D-List. Also a first for CSI fans, "CSI:Miami" has been canceled and will go out without a grand finale. Not a single version of CSI has been canceled until now.

"I think CSI franchise is coming to an end. All good things come to an end. Leave before they throw you out," SteyfyStef commented on the D-List blog, mourning the loss of Grissom's character.

However, according to an ongoing poll, only 27 percent of viewers suggested that they would miss the dated crime show, which was ranked the most missed out of Fox poll which also named Alcatraz, GCB, Missing, Pan Am, Awake, Are You There Chelsea, and I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Viewers voted that "Alcatraz" would be the second most missed show, with 20 percent feeling sad about the show's end. The other shows however, all under 20 percent, appear as though their absence may not be noticed at all.

On the CW Ringer, The Secret Circle and H8R were all also canceled by the network. In addition NBC has canceled Awake, Bent, Best Friend's Forever, Harry's Law, The Firm, Prime Suspect, Playboy Club, Who Do You Think You Are and Free Agents. Aside from ABC canceling its highly promoted "GCB," the network has also cut the cord on The River, Work It, Man Up, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Charlie's Angels.

Less known Fox shows that will also be canceled include Terra Nova, Breaking In, The Finder, and Allen Gregory.