Candy Crush Saga Cheats: Get Unlimited Lives, Replay Same Level Without Losing Lives

King/Playthrough-Max Bonto/Screenshot

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular apps out there for both the Android and iOS. Developed by King, it is a match-3 type of game that follows the footsteps of earlier iconic games like Bejeweled. Players attempt to match a minimum of three of the same candy to gain points and complete levels.

The game is now over 600 levels that players can do, with latter levels presenting new challenges that would occupy the player for weeks at a time. These challenges however, have made some players stuck on certain levels even with the help of boosters.

Some people utilize "cheats" to get unlimited lives, or to be able to restart a level without losing any lives. These cheats work for Android and iOS only since the game has been available on those platforms for the longest time. These methods are not necessarily cheats and are only exploitable methods.

To get unlimited lives for the iOS version of Candy Crush, follow these directions:

1. Go to the phone's Settings, then to General, then select the option for Date & Time.
2. Change the setting Set Automatically to Off.
3. Advance the date by 1 day.
4. Open the game and you will start with 5 extra lives.
5. Do not play the game just yet and wait for it to synchronize with the time (around 5 to 10 seconds).
6. Return to the Date & Time setting and put the setting Set Automatically to On again.
7. Go back to the game and you will continuously have 5 lives which won't deplete.
8. Simply repeat the process if your lives run out.

The same process goes for Android devices; just look for the option Automatically Set Date & Time.

In the game, levels can be restarted when players know that the level cannot be completed in the current situation, but this costs lives. There is a way to circumvent this, just follow these directions:

1. When the level starts, don't do anything.
2. Click the menu button at the bottom left corner.
3. Click Exit.
4. You will then be returned to the levels board where you can attempt the same level again.

You have now restarted the level without losing any of your lives. This only works with the mobile and tablet versions. This does not work with the Facebook app.

For guides and overall tips on how to complete a level, Candy-Crush Cheats has everything you need and is updated with the latest Candy Crush levels.