Carl Weathers Mistaken for Joseph Kony

Actor Carl Weathers has been mistaken for Ugandan warlord at large Joseph Kony.

Some users on social networking site Facebook have mistaken a picture of Weathers from his role as CIA agent George Dillon in the 1987 science fiction action film "Predator," as a picture of Joseph Kony. 

Weathers is a former professional football star who made his transition into film in the 1970's. He is best known for his role as Apollo Creed staring alongside Sylvester Stallone in the "Rocky" film series.

Kony, a Ugandan African warlord who is the head of the notoriously brutal Lord's Resistance Army, has captured widespread headlines in the past week following the launch of Invisible Children's "KONY 2012" campaign.

Invisible Children has launched its campaign in hopes to mobilize international pressure to capture Kony and dismantle his much-weakened LRA.The LRA has had an active presence in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, and the Central African Republic, but left Uganda years ago.

The campaign video went viral last week and within six days broke the record to become the most viewed viral video of all time.

Critics have blasted the organization arguing that its portrayal of Kony's LRA is simplistic and lacks necessary historical and geopolitical narrative.

"Joseph Kony is not in Uganda and hasn't been for 6 years," former Foreign Policy intern and Ph.D student at Oxford Michael Wilkerson wrote on a Foreign Policy blog last week.

"The LRA now numbers at most in the hundreds, and while it is still causing immense suffering, it is unclear how millions of well-meaning but misinformed people are going to help deal with the more complicated reality," he added.

Invisible Children has responded to criticism of its organization, financial transparency, and awareness raising methods and with a video released on Monday featuring CEO Ben Keesey.

"When we launched KONY 2012, our intention was to share the story of Joseph Kony with new people around the world, but in the process there have been a lot of questions about us," Keesey says in the video. "Our goal has always been the same, it's always been one thing and that is to stop the violence of the LRA permanently and help restore the war-affected communities."