Sunday, June 24, 2012
Casper Smart Gay According To Fellow Dancer, Using Jennifer Lopez for Fame?

Casper Smart Gay According To Fellow Dancer, Using Jennifer Lopez for Fame?

A man who previously worked with Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez's current love interest, has insinuated that Smart is gay and only using the "American Idol" judge for her fame.

Jennifer Lopez, 42, has been dating Casper Smart, 25, for over seven months and while it may have seemed to be headed in a positive direction it now appears that her family's greatest fears may have come true. In May a source that is reportedly a member of Lopez's family told People magazine that some members of her inner circle "worry that Casper will take advantage of her."
"She has fallen so hard," the source revealed.

Despite the warnings however, Lopez has continued strong with Smart, the two recently appearing together on Lopez's "Dance Again" tour with Enrique Iglesias.

A former back up dancer however, who allegedly worked with Smart at a Hollywood nightclub, has come forward and stated that Smart is in fact only using the "American Idol" judge to gain fortune and fame because he is actually gay.

Joshua Lee Ayers, who now works at Boulevard3 in Hollywood, has blasted Smart on his Twitter account with pictures and comments that allude to Smart being gay.

"Check out Ur boy… And his low key homo ways," Ayers wrote on a photo of Casper which was posted to his Twitter account in March according to Radar Online.

A second photo of Smart was posted by Ayers in May with a caption that read: "I know what I know, Not love, a lot of business and public relations." Both dancers appeared in "Step Up 3D" according to Radar Online in addition to a number of other gigs.

"Casper is not gay. These comments are born from envy and jealousy," the couple's rep, Mark Young, told denying the rumors were true.


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