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Casting Crowns New Album 'THRIVE' Coming in January 2014 Along with Tour and Book

Casting Crowns New Album 'THRIVE' Coming in January 2014 Along with Tour and Book

Contemporary worship band Casting Crowns are adding to their already impressive year with announcement of, THRIVE, which will be released on January 28 2014.

This record marks their seventh studio album, and will coincide with a book, "Thrive - Digging Deep, Reaching Out," written by lead singer, Mark Hall. The book comes out on February 11 of next year. The band will then embark on "The Thrive Tour," featuring Laura Story and For King & Country, beginning in Lexington, Kentucky on February 20, 2014.

THRIVE includes the new lead single "All You've Ever Wanted," and pre-sale options are now available at select digital and physical retailers with a Deluxe Edition of the record exclusively on

THRIVE features 12 new tracks and they worked with veteran industry producer Mark Miller. Half of the record follows the theme of "Reaching Out" while the remaining half of the record centers on the theme of "Digging Deep."

"Thrive - Digging Deep, Reaching Out" is Hall's fourth book and it discusses the critical inner challenge to ourselves, that people can do more than just survive life. Each chapter mixes the message with a powerful and telling story.

"The idea of THRIVE came out of our student ministry and what we've been teaching for years on what a believer looks like," said Hall in a press release. "This record and book is an effort to draw a picture of what a believer would look like if they dug into their roots and understood God and themselves more. We must first learn who God is and who we are. With that, half of our record is all about learning who God is and who you are. The other half is about how that works out. How are you going to get out there and let God live His life through you?"

Track Listing for THRIVE:
1. Thrive
2. All You've Ever Wanted
3. Just Be Held
4. You Are The Only One
5. Broken Together
6. Love You With The Truth
7. This Is Now
8. Dream For You
9. Follow Me
10. Heroes
11. House Of Their Dreams
12. Waiting On The Night To Fall


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