'Castle' Season 7 Spoilers: Beckett and Castle Grow 'Stronger,' 'Fans Are Going to Be Happy' With New Season

(Photo: ABC Screen Shot)A Castle Season 6 advertisement.

"Castle" creator Andrew W. Marlowe and the series' new showrunner David Amann discussed the upcoming seventh season while at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour this week.

First, the executive producers cleared the air of any rumors surrounding Amann taking over as showrunner of "Castle" while Marlowe stepped down.

"Andrew and I have been working together since I arrived on the show five years ago," Amann said, according to TVLine. "He's still very much a part of the show and he's going to be very much involved. The vision is going to remain the same."

Then, both Amann and Marlowe dropped hints about the upcoming season seven premiere of "Castle" this September, including whether or not the premiere would reveal that last season's finale was just a dream.

"No, that's not what we're going to be saying," Amann laughed.

"And when the fans see what we are doing, they're going to be happy that it's not a dream," Marlowe chimed in. "We did what we did for a reason – to open up some new mythology, to have some really fun storytelling coming up. Those fans who are less-than-thrilled should reserve judgment until they see the first few shots of the season."

The season six finale ended with Castle's seemingly fatal fiery car crash. As previously reported, season seven will pick up right where the finale left off – with Beckett still in her wedding dress. Amann went on to promise "Castle" fans that Rick and Kate's romance will be empowered next season.

"We are committed to their relationship as Castle and Beckett are – they are deeply in love and they have overcome a great many challenges already," he told TVLine. "So whatever [has happened] is not going to tear them apart. If anything, it will make them stronger."

Furthermore, Marlowe noted that the couple will face a lot of uncertainty in season seven.

"A lot of questions are going to be raised, but the two of them are going to face those questions together," he said. "We're not looking to significantly alter the trajectory of their relationship or pull the rug out from under the audience. We're looking to open up some really interesting aspects of storytelling for the Castle character, who hasn't really been as deeply explored as Beckett over the past six years – and we're really excited by that opportunity."