Cat Walks 190 Miles Home in Two Months: Meet Holly

Nothing but skin and bones, a lost cat made a nearly 200-mile journey to reunite with her owners in a Florida home.

Holly, a 4-year-old cat, first ran away from her home outside Daytona Beach nearly two months ago. Her owners spent four days posting pictures and trying to track her down, but to no avail. It seemed as though Holly was gone for good.

The last time Holly was seen, was on November 4th. Her owners say that she ran away when fire crackers were being set off during the Daytona Speedway Park.

"Yeah, I think she just got so scared," Bonnie Richter said in an interview with CNN.

Bonny soon showed up on the radar across town. A couple of sightings offered Bonnie hope that her cat might be found. But the timing was always off. It appeared that Bonnie was never able to catch up to Holly on time, and the cat continued to travel.

On Saturday, Bonnie got a sweet surprise. Holly showed up in Barb Mazzola's Palm Beach Garden, which was just a mile away from her home with Bonnie and Jacob Richter. But Holly was not in the best of health.

"She was so skinny, so thin," Mazzola told CNN. "All bones and weak and she could hardly walk, she was walking really slow, so weak she couldn't even get a 'meow' out."

Holly was rightfully weak. She had just made a 190 mile journey in less than a two month period.

"Yeah, she had a journey, we'd love to know the story behind all her trip," Jacob Richter told CNN. "We've got to fatten her up, spoil her again, yeah," he added.

The Ritchers are grateful to Mazzola, who took Holly to the vet after finding her. The vet was able to use Holly's microchip to track her and return her back home.