Catalyst Leader Brad Lomenick: 10 Must Haves for Leaders

(Image: Catalyst)

Catalyst leader Brad Lomenick writes on his website that he is a passionate follower of Christ, who has the privilege of leading and directing a movement of young leaders called Catalyst.

"We see our role as equipping, inspiring, and releasing the next generation of young Christian leaders, and do this through events, resources, consulting, content and connecting a community of like-minded Catalysts all over the world. I appreciate the chance to continually connect with and collaborate alongside leaders," he writes.

Lomenick recently posted "10 Must Haves for Leaders."

1. Community - can't be isolated. Friends and people you can do life with are paramount. Surround yourself with friends and team members who aren't impressed by you.

2. Credibility - you must be believable. And a leader who is trustworthy. Above reproach and constant integrity. If you say you'll get it done, you will. Your word is your bond.

3. Hunger - leaders are learners. And always want to get better. Constant posture of improvement.

4. Hope - vision for tomorrow. A belief that tomorrow will be better than today. And constant encouragement to those around them, giving them hope to tackle what's in front of them.

5. Self- awareness - know who you truly are. And lead from that authenticity. Do all you can to understand the true you...