'Catherine: Full Body' Will Be Released in the West, Also Introduces New Character Named Rin

Rin will be joining Catherine, Katherine and Vincent in the game
YouTube courtesy of atlustubeRin is a new character who will star in 'Catherine: Full Body'

Following the wildly successful launch of "Persona 5," the folks over at Atlus are looking to bring another high quality offering to the market in the form of "Catherine: Full Body."

The new project is actually a remake of the 2011 game known as "Catherine."

This time around, developers are updating the original by introducing some significant additions, including one new main character.

According to Atlus, the upcoming game will feature a character named Rin and she will be joining Catherine, Katherine and Vincent – the stars of the 2011 title.

A recent report from Gematsu contained some other details about Rin. The newest addition to the game is a pianist at the bar Vincent frequently goes to.

Rin is also said to be an honest and gentle character, though she may be a bit lacking in common sense. She has also been described as a "healing existence," and it seems like she is someone who will be helping Vincent out quite a bit.

It is not just Vincent who will be affected by the presence of Rin, as she will also impact the lives of both Catherine and Katherine in some ways as well.

There are other changes set to be introduced in "Catherine: Full Body" beyond just the addition of a new character.

For instance, there will be new mechanics included in the puzzle platforming sections of the game, and new and traditional modes are also going to be offered.

Additional difficulty levels and convenient systems are going to be featured, and they are expected to improve the playing experience.

Furthermore, even though the original game already featured quite a few endings, developers are still planning to add more in the remake, which makes sense considering the introduction of Rin.

"Catherine: Full Body" is set to be released for both the PS4 and the PS Vita.