Chad Johnson, Evelyn Lozada Using Twitter Followers to Exchange Messages?

Chad Johnson endured public scrutiny after head-butting his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada in August, resulting in the loss of endorsements, marriage and the opportunity to play in the NFL this season. However, the free agent wideout and his ex-wife seem to be using their followers on the social networking website to communicate with one another.

Johnson, 34, recently posted a photograph of his two vehicles named after his ex-wife.

"'Lady Evelyn' vs. 'Lady Evelyn2.0' you'd choose to drive which first," the athlete asked over three million Twitter followers.

When one of his Twitter fans asked why Johnson chose to name the vehicles after his ex-wife who he was ordered to cut all contact with in a Florida courtroom, he responded by saying, "They're in her name and that's all I got to keep."

One fan seemed to notice that Johnson had yet to give up hope for reuniting with his wife.

"Bless @ochocinco heart. He still hasn't given up on Evelyn," the fan tweeted. "But I think that ship has sailed!"

Johnson, nicknamed Ochocinco, responded to the fan by saying, "(Expletive) I'm steering the ship."

When another fan recently commented about Lozada being the only person to reply to her, the football star responded by asking the fan to request that the "Basketball Wives" star send him his coffee machine.

"Tell her send my damn Keurig (coffee machine)," Johnson told the fan.

Another fan of the former couple saw the message and relayed it to Lozada.

"Chad keeps asking for his Keurig back," the fan tweeted Lozada.

The reality television show did not hesitate to respond.

"He didn't even know what a Keurig was before I bought it! #ChildBoo," Lozada tweeted. "This was MY Keurig & it def wasn't gold. Best machine ever!"

Johnson and Lozada split after being married on July 4, following an incident where he reportedly headbutted her on Aug. 11. The action reportedly stemmed from an argument that began when the "Basketball Wives" star found a receipt for contraceptives that he purchased and confronted him about it.