Charlie Sheen Helps Lindsay Lohan With Back Taxes? Gives Actress $100,000

It has been reported that Charlie Sheen has come to the aid of his friend Lindsey Lohan and provided some cash to help alleviate her tax issues with the IRS.

Sheen, who has had his own image problems as of late, came to the rescue of Lohan in the tune of $100,000 to aid her in her quest to back Uncle Sam after years of compounding back taxes, according to reports from TMZ.

Lohan has been under the scrutiny of the IRS due to the reported $233,904 she owned to the government for taxes she failed to pay for 2009 and 2010.

Both Sheen and Lohan have had a careers marred with bad behavior and irrational actions, but reportedly developed a close friendship while they were working of the set of "Scary Movie 5" last fall. They were seen spending a lot of time together.

Sources close to the situation told the celebrity news site that during filming, Lindsay and Charlie could were always together and one time she was overheard discussing her tax difficulties with him.

It was rumored that Sheen had offered to write her a check at that time, but Lohan rebuffed his offers. It seems as her financial wows became too much, Lohan's business manager received a check from Sheen last week, a source close to Lindsay allegedly revealed. The money cuts her tax bill by nearly half

Lohan recently talked openly with Us Weekly about her illegal behavior in the past and constant run-ins with the police, blaming her actions on "loneliness" and her "toxic romance" with ex-lover Sam Ronson.

"Kids go through ups and downs, try drugs, cigarettes and drinking. It's human nature. It took a while but it's like "What was I thinking? Why did I allow so many sycophants and bad influences to be around me," stated Lohan.