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Charlie Sheen: Backs Off Lawsuit Against Porn Star

Charlie Sheen: Backs Off Lawsuit Against Porn Star

Charlie Sheen recently withdrew his lawsuit filed against Capri Anderson, the porn film star and escort who accused the unstable actor of assault and battery late last year while staying in New York City’s Plaza Hotel together.

Anderson claimed that Sheen threatened to kill her when she rejected him inside the hotel room, though she admitted that the interest was consensual at first, and revealed to the press that the 41-year-old actor reacted violently, throwing objects around in the hotel room. Trying to escape, she locked herself in the bathroom.

Sheen, however, denied the allegations and sued Anderson, also known as Christina Walsh, in November of 2010 for extortion, according to On The Red Carpet.

He stated that the claim was nothing more than a publicity stunt and further revealed that Anderson locked herself in the bathroom because she purportedly stole his $165,000 watch. Sheen also revealed in the claim that the porn star asked him for $1 million to keep quiet about the incident.

For reasons unknown, Sheen requested that the case be dismissed, which a judge granted without prejudice on Friday, according to The Associated Press.

Not the first incident of anger, several others have testified to the actor’s short temper and aggressive behavior, including ex-wife Brooke Mueller. Prior to the hotel incident last year, Sheen was found guilty of assaulting Mueller, and served time at a rehabilitation center as a result.

Making headlines as well for his drug and alcohol addiction, the “Two and a Half Men” actor was cut from the show in March and replaced recently by Ashton Kutcher. His character will be killed off and his funeral will open the season premiere, according to Third Age.

Though his past years have been steeped in lawsuits, custody battles, and on-and-off again rehab visits, Sheen is reported to be getting better. He will star in a new sitcom, appropriately entitled “Anger Management,” based off Jack Nicholson’s 2003 comedy.

He tweeted most recently about his love for ex-wife Denise Richards’ new book The Real Girl Next Door, a memoir about her ups and downs in life, including her high-profile divorce with Sheen, and the lessons she’s learned.

“Your book rocks!! Never thought I’d say it... but loved it D..! xo c.”


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