Chris Christie to Endorse Mitt Romney for President

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will endorse former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for president.

Among Republicans, Christie is one of most popular politicians in the nation. His endorsement will help boost Romney heading into Tuesday night's debate in New Hampshire, hosted by The Washington Post and Bloomberg.

Christie was urged by national level Republican politicians and top Republican donors and fundraisers to get into the race.

Many Republicans, eager for a national debate on the proper role of government, appreciated Christie's straight-talking, combative style. Some of these Republicans were concerned that, while Romney's more moderate style might help him win the election, it would do little to advance conservative ideas.

Christie, after reconsidering his previous decision not to run, announced on Oct. 4 that he would not seek the nomination. Christie is the governor of a Northeastern strongly Democratic state, much like Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Romney has been racking up a string of endorsements from high ranking Republicans. He also picked up an endorsement this week from Mel Martinez, the former Senator from the important primary state of Florida.

The most recent NBC/Marist poll shows Romney with a strong lead in New Hampshire with 45 percent support, and leading in Iowa with 26 percent support, six points higher than businessman Herman Cain in second place.

Tuesday night's debate can be viewed on The Washington Post or Bloomberg websites.