Christian Music Label Technopraise Releases New Single (VIDEOS)

Technopraise, a Nashville-based Christian techno and dance music label, has recently released its latest single "Hands to the Sky."

The record label's exclusive artist Johnny Hammer is the singer behind the song. He performs alongside his friend and co-singer Alexis Lundt. The song and ensuing video's theme encourages teenagers to rave for Jesus.

Johnny Hammer is a 13-year old, Washington state resident. He is an avid believer and follower of Jesus, a musician and actor. "Technopraise gives me the chance to inspire kids around the world," Hammer said in a press release. "Kids my age are surrounded by many negative things -- bullying, violence, drugs, and early sex. We're exposed to some gross stuff. I love our new song because it encourages kids to let their inner light shine and share their love for Jesus with others."

Hammer has offered some uplifting words for those in need of inspiration. "People will try and knock you down in this world, but just keep your hands to the sky, because God is watching over you. No matter how hard situations may be," he said.

Yuri Mamchur, a Russian-born music producer and the founder of Technopraise, spoke about Christian's opinions of techno music and raving in a release.

"Some Christians believe that raving is inappropriate worship," Mamchur said. "Christians who think that dance beats and Jesus don't belong together have missed parts of the Bible. The book of Psalms encourages celebration of God through all means available to us. Jesus' first miracle was making sure a party didn't stop."

"Technopraise wants kids to see that Christian music can be contemporary and cool," Mamchur continued. "Christian kids are asking for upbeat, danceable music, and we say great, let's rave about Jesus."

Mamchur co-wrote "Hands to the Sky" with Nashville songwriter Ryan Chavez Richmond. Technopraise produced the song in Moscow, Seattle, Nashville, and Los Angeles. The purpose of this single is said to be aimed at achieving a sound unique to the American market.

The video for the single, "Hands to the Sky," can be seen below:


The next piece of footage is another music video from Johnny Hammer called, "Mary Did You Know."