Christina Aguilera Weight Loss: 'Voice' Star Lost Over 20 Lbs. 'All on Her Own'

Christina Aguilera's weight loss was revealed during an NBC press event Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif. The "Voice" coach looked far different than only eight months ago when she was substantially heavier.

Christina Aguilera's weight loss was shown off by a simple pink skirt and nude Christian Louboutin heels during the event, and she completed the look with a tan and her trademark platinum blonde hair. Apparently the "Beautiful" singer took time off from "The Voice" to lose the weight through a combination of specialized dieting and exercise.

"She did it all on her own," a source told Us Weekly previously. "A lot of people were on her about her weight and it depressed her. She went through a bad time because of the criticism."

The 1,600-calorie Fresh Diety premium meal delivery plan was combined with yoga and training by Tee Sorge worked wonders for the singer- it's estimated that she lost between 20 and 30 pounds in about eight months, according to Daily Mail.

Aguilera still "wants to lose a bit more," but "feels great," a friend added.

The singer said that the time away from "The Voice" was something she really needed, and that Shakira, her replacement for one season, had done a "beautiful job."

"I'm the type of person that I cannot live in front of the camera 24 hours a day," she said at the Television Critics Association Event. "I have to take breaks and stay connected with myself. I think it's important so that I can then be [my] best on camera and find [my] own happiness with it."

She also revealed that she had been busy mothering her son, Max Liron Bratman, who is starting kindergarten soon.

"I'm a mom and … the cameras go off, I go home, I put on sweats and a T-shirt. The red lips come off," Aguilera explained. "I check out and I'm mom and I needed some time, I needed some time to do that."

Aguilera will appear along fellow judges Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine on "The Voice" this September.