Christina Aguilera's Hair Dyed Purple is Too Immature? 'Fits Better With My Little Pony' (PHOTO)

Christina Aguilera has debuted new purple hairdo which some believe is too immature for her age.

The singer debuted her new hairstyle while promoting "The Voice" which is set to return next month. The look includes her same long, perhaps overly bleached blonde hair with light purple tips reminiscent of Avril Lavigne's punk days. The photos also come only days after Miley Cyrus showed off another questionable hair choice, sporting a short crop of bleach blonde hair.

Of course, Christina Aguilera is neither a punk rock singer nor a teenage girl, and thus many have questioned her purple decision. The 31-year-old revealed the purple locks while at a press junket for the "The Voice" in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Reality TV Magazine was harsh, suggesting that the look "fits in better with My Little Pony."

"We love Christina Aguilera's beautiful voice, but her hair is a completely different story," the magazine wrote adding, "The result of her latest hair experiment is … questionable … Miley gets a pass for being a teen, but Christina? Not so much."

In a previous interview however, Aguilera has defended her sometimes unusual decisions by stating that she likes to mix things up.

"I like to keep it fresh and interesting," she told Us Weekly of her style on the show back in April. "I get bored and I'm an artist first and foremost. I'm from the world of making videos and touring and I love theatrics."

Fans also defended the singer and said that they enjoyed her new look.

"Why does a woman have to be anorexic in our society to be considered beautiful? To me, Christina has a good healthy weight, and a beautiful voice. What she does with her hair is her business," Debra Youngblood wrote on the Huffington Post wall. "I think its cute."