Christmas 2017: When Should Holiday Decors be Up and Taken Down?

REUTERS/Ints KalninsPeople gather near the Christmas tree at Cathedral square in Vilnius, Lithuania, December 23, 2015.

While many people already have their Christmas decors in place, there are some who have yet to decorate for the holidays. But, when should people really put up their Christmas decors?

It is common for many Americans to decorate their houses for Christmas between the day after Thanksgiving Day and the first Day of December, although some decide to do things earlier. For instance, actress Jennifer Garner revealed in an Instagram post that her house gets Christmas-ready beginning the first day of November.

Among the many Christmas decorations that people have, there is no denying that the Christmas tree is the most popular. With more and more people opting for the artificial fir tree as their Christmas centerpiece, putting up the holiday tree can be done much earlier without having to worry about the tree wilting even before Christmas arrives.  However, it is said that during the Roman times, people had to wait until midday on Christmas Eve before decorating their trees, as, after all, they were using cut real fir trees.

Most British people, though, wait for the beginning of Advent before putting up their Christmas trees. Contrary to chocolate Advent calendars, the season of Advent does not begin on the first day of December. Rather, it is a season that begins on the first of the four Sundays before Christmas. Hence, this year, the season of Advent began last Sunday, December 3.

Apparently, there are no strict rules as to when people should put up their Christmas ornaments. However, it is said that Christmas embellishments should be taken down on the 12th day of Christmas, or January 6, which is also considered as the day of the Epiphany, or the day when the Three Wise Men/Kings visited Baby Jesus, otherwise known as the Feast of the Three Wise Men.

As the Epiphany marks the end of the Christmas season, many people wait for the day before taking down their Christmas ornaments.