Churches Call on Unemployed to Rely on God in Job Search

Some people try to put their faith in the government to provide jobs, however, one church in New York is relying on faith to help the unemployed.

The shaky economy and high rate of unemployment are weighing down on the church community and in these tough times, wavering faith is common.

Blessed Sacrament Parish, a church in Western New York wants to help change that. Congregants at Blessed Sacrament Parish are being asked to bring resumes to the altar for prayer, trusting that God will open up the floodgates of heaven and pour down a blessing.

Father Quinlivan told “It's an important lesson for us to realize we take our faith out into the marketplace and into the workplace."

He believes that people should put their lives in God’s hands and stop trying to control their own futures.

Father Quinlivan told the New York Post, “What sometimes some of us do is we tell God what we want instead of asking what he wants."

In a state with 8 percent unemployment, other churches have also joined in to help the jobless.

1 Corinthian Baptist Church in Harlem is not collecting resumes but it does have a food pantry that offers to those in need. It also has a social justice ministry that provides counseling for those in search of jobs, housing, and a better education.