Ciara Opens Up About Rihanna Feud

Ciara, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter, recently opened up about her thoughts concerning an alleged feud with fellow entertainer Rihanna.

Rihanna, the 25-year-old Barbadian pop star, and Ciara have been speaking about one another on social media networks for years. However, Ciara has recently been speaking out about her peer and spoke about the context of their relationship while at Philadelphia radio station 107.9 fm recently.

"There is no relationship … I don't know. If something is supposed to happen, it'll happen, no matter which way it goes," Ciara said on the radio station. "Even when it pertains to her, I've never had an issue with her. I don't know what it is, I can't figure it out, and I guess I don't care to figure it out."

While Ciara said that she has always supported Rihanna, the singer said the latter has not always returned the favor.

"I've always come from a place of love and support for her, ever since we hung out a little bit, so she's on whatever she's on, and it is what it is," Ciara said on the radio station. "But I don't know, whatever is supposed to happen will happen, no matter what."

Earlier this month, Rihanna and her best friend Melissa Forde caused speculation when they posted a photograph of themselves smiling on Instagram while watching Ciara perform the acapella version of her new single "Body Party" in a video uploaded to YouTube.

After Ciara caught wind of the recent Instagram message from Forde, she retweeted it on her personal social media account. Her next message seemed to chastise the famed pop star and her friend.

"Don't have time 4 the silliness. Grow Up and Do Something Positive with ya selves for once," Ciara tweeted. "God Bless."

The singer was forthcoming about having issues with Rihanna in the past, although she spoke about believing the pair had resolved their problems.

"I thought everything was cool because I actually saw Rihanna two years ago at the Met Gala after we had the little small back and forth and from what I recall everything was cool," Ciara told the Chicago radio station 107.5 FM earlier this month. "So, in my mind I operate from a place of love and pure support."

The most recent exchange between the two singers took place two years after Rihanna and Ciara publicly exchanged words on the social media network. On an episode of E! Network's "Fashion Police," Ciara admitted to having friction with the Barbadian singer.