'Civilization VI' News: Getting to Know the Unique Features of the Korea Civ

Queen Seondeok will be the one leading the Korea Civ
Civilization VI official websiteA sneak preview of the Korea Civ inside 'Civilization VI'

The "Rise and Fall" expansion coming soon to "Civilization VI" is set to introduce an array of new features, including additional Civs.

Just recently, developers revealed one of the Civs coming to the game, as well as the historical figure who will be leading it.

Detailed in a new post on the game's official website, the first Civ confirmed to be included in the aforementioned expansion will be Korea and the individual leading it is none other than Queen Seondeok.

Developers listed many of Queen Seondeok's achievements, and they also emphasized how she focused on education as well as the arts and sciences during her reign. Because of that, she will be able to provide a science-related bonus inside the game that is part of her unique leader ability known as Hwarang. This unique leader ability also positively affects culture.

Continuing on that education theme, the unique district included in the Korea Civ is known as Seowon and this is "home to many academic endeavors."

The Korea Civ's unique ability inside "Civilization VI" is the Three Kingdoms. This feature grants a science bonus to mines and provides a food production bonus for farms. Players can take full advantage of this ability by placing mines and farms adjacent to a Seowon.

Lastly, the Korea Civ also comes with the unique unit known as the Hwacha. Hwachas can be used to launch numerous rocket arrows or Chongtong bullets.

The Korea Civ is just one of the many coming to the game via the "Rise and Fall" expansion.

As developers noted previously, there are nine additional leaders and eight civilizations included, so fans are going to want to watch out for more reveals in the coming days and weeks.

The "Rise and Fall" expansion will be officially released for "Civilization VI" on Feb. 8.