Clark Gable's Son Arrested for Hitting 6 Parked Cars in DUI

Clark Gable's son John Clark was arrested for DUI on Wednesday after hitting at least six parked cars, reports said.

Gable, 52, was taken into custody after being involved in potentially two car accidents on Wednesday. In the first accident, Gable- an actor like his father although to a lesser extent- allegedly fled the scene.

The actor "rear ended" a car on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, according to TMZ, and attempted to flee the scene. But while making his great escape, Gable hit six additional parked cars, the report alleged. Officials took the actor into custody moments after the accident. He is being held on the suspicion of driving while under the influence.

"It appears alcohol and/or drugs were involved," law enforcement sources said in a statement to TMZ.

John Clark began his career with a $400,000 inheritance, which he earned from his father's estate. Gable was born in 1961, four months after his father died of a heart attack. His mother, Kay Williams, had married Clark Gable just 5 years prior.

"Looking back I wonder if there are many people who even in 25 or 30 years of marriage find the happiness that Clark and I had in those five years and four months," Williams said after her husband's death.

John Clark is Clark Gable's only living son. He had one other child, Judy, whom he never acknowledged was his daughter while living. It came out only after Clark Gable's death that Judy, whose mother was Loretta Young, was Gable's daughter.

John Clark is currently working on the film "Sunset at Dawn."