Coach, 70, Shoots Teen During Alleged Robbery

A 70-year-old basketball coach shot two teenagers, killing one and injuring the other, as they attempted to rob him outside a high school in Detroit. The shooting has caused grief for the parents and left the community with many questions.

"I lost my son, and I want answers," Priscilla Scott, mother of slain teen Michael Scott, told the Associated Press. At the time of the shooting, the boy had no weapons on him, causing more than a few raised eyebrows.

Scott and a friend allegedly approached Robinson outside of the high school on Friday night. Robinson, who was carrying a concealed weapon because he is a reserve police officer, pulled his weapon and fired at least twice, striking each of the teens.

"They announced a robbery, a struggle ensued, and he [Robinson] pulled a weapon and fired," Detroit police spokeswoman Cassandra Lewis said. No further details have been released at the time, and authorities are investigating to determine whether they will file charges against Robinson. Until then, he will remain a free man.

"We are very relieved that all students and DPS [Detroit Public Schools] personnel and representatives involved are safe and were unharmed. The school has many security features, which were in place at the time of the incident as well as a full security plan, as do all DPS schools. These will be reviewed as they regularly are after any incidents," DPS Spokesman Steve Wasko told WXYZ-ABC News.

"There will be counselors available at the school Monday morning for students and faculty members," Wasko added.

Reports state that both boys attended Martin Luker King, Jr. Senior High School; one had recently been expelled. Only Scott's name has been released, due to his death. The other suspect's identity is being concealed due to his young age. He was taken to the local hospital but is expected to recover.