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College Students Hide From Trump in 'Safe Spaces'

College Students Hide From Trump in 'Safe Spaces'

There are millions of fine young people across America today, people of character, people of principle, people of discipline, people of maturity. But there are millions of others who have been coddled all their lives, almost never taught to lose or be put in their place or take full responsibility for their actions. It is some of those young people who are protesting on the streets and being comforted by their professors as they cry on college campuses in the aftermath of the elections.

Just consider this scene from our campuses on the day after the elections, as reported by the Wall Street Journal: "At Tufts University, arts and crafts were on offer. And the University of Kansas reminded students via social media of the therapy dogs available for comfort every other Wednesday."

Arts and crafts to comfort grieving college students? Therapy dogs?

And then this, from the University of Michigan: "There was a steady flow of students entering Ms. Boynton's office Wednesday. They spent the day sprawled around the center, playing with Play-Doh and coloring in coloring books, as they sought comfort and distraction."

Need I add the standard caveat: "I am not making this up!"?



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