Company Aids Parents in Protecting Children from Internet Dangers

One of the top-ranked online software companies that aids parents in protecting their children from negative content has improved its mission, and is signifying it with a name change. – creator of protective software Safe Eyes – will now be called, showing the group's dedication to creating a safe environment to families surfing the web.

"With the Internet providing unprecedented access to negative online influences such as violence, predators and pornography, parents are searching for ways to keep their children safe online," said's CEO, Forrest Collier, in a statement. "We're launching as part of our continuing effort to provide Internet users with practical information and tools they can use to stay safe online."

Safe Eyes has already been awarded PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award for the second consecutive year and was also ranked No. 1 by America's leading consumer advocacy publication.

Company heads hope to continue with the same quality and strive to help keep kids in proper and healthy check.

At, parents will be able to access a number of helpful tools to protect their children from online content. This includes tips, strategies, facts and statistics about internet use, so that parents can now how to integrate their values into internet habits with their kids.

With social networking sites on a huge rise in youth culture – such as Facebook and MySpace – it is becoming increasingly easier for youth to get pulled into inappropriate internet worlds. Parents can now have the resources to monitor this type of behavior as well as use tools for web blocking, time control, and instant messenger (IM) monitoring.

"Keeping children safe online requires a combination of technology, education and people – namely, engaged parents," explained's Chief Technology Officer Aaron Kenny in a statement. "'s goal is to equip those parents with tools to help protect their families online."

The company promoters feel that parents can feel secure in what their children are looking at, as well as themselves if they too have problems with internet temptations.

For those that are interested, parents can also download a free trial of the company's award-winning product, Safe Eyes, from the website.