Conrad Murray Trial: A Mother’s Plea as Murray Awaits Sentence

Conrad Murray is to be sentenced Tuesday for the involuntary manslaughter of pop legend Michael Jackson, but it is unlikely he will face any significant time behind bars.

The maximum punishment he could receive is four years in prison, but according to The Telegraph, new U.S. laws would give him a very good chance of avoiding jail time.

Non-violent criminals are usually transferred from state prison to county jail – however there might not be room for him because of overcrowding problems. Thus, it is possible that Murray will be able to serve the time at house arrest.

Michael Jackson’s family has asked for $100 million in damages from projected lost revenues for the “This Is It” tour that the singer never got to perform, as well as $1.8 million to pay for funeral and service expenses. However, the lawsuit will be aimed at AEG Live LLC, the entertainment company behind the planned tour, as Murray does not have the resources to pay for such expenses.

The prosecution remains set on having the convicted doctor face the harshest sentence possible, saying that he needs to be held accountable for taking a father away from his children. However, Murray’s mother, Milta Rush, has insisted in a letter published by E! News that her son sincerely did not mean to cause any harm to Jackson. She wrote that it would be unjust to punish him by treating him as a criminal.

Rush’s was one of the many letters from loved ones and former patients sent to the judge that asked that Murray receive probation instead of prison.

"Judge Pastor, Conrad is my son and as a mother I must say I know him inside out. He is sorry for what happened to Michael and had no ill intent towards him. I humbly beg for your heartfelt consideration of everything I have said about Conrad, and ask for your compassion and leniency in giving him probation or community service," Murray’s mother wrote.