Cook Boiled Wife's Body After Killing Her in 2009

Chef David Viens is currently standing trial for the murder of his wife, Dawn, and jurors have heard horrifying testimony in the trial.

In 2009, Dawn Viens disappeared from her home and police began to suspect her husband in connection with her disappearance. When they announced he was an official suspect, David jumped off an 80-foot cliff, "feet first, arms raised, and screaming," the Los Angeles Times revealed.

He was taken to a hospital and treated for his injuries, which have left him confined to a wheelchair. Police conducted interviews with him while he was in the hospital, and now that interrogation has been played for jurors in Los Angeles.

David revealed that he actually "slowly cooked" his wife's body, and "ended up cooking her for four days," the Times reported.

After four days he took what was left of Dawn's body, the liquid, and other waste matter, and poured the mixture into a grease pit at the couple's restaurant, the Thyme Contemporary Café.

Dawn's skull did not liquefy and David instead took it to his mother's home and hid it in the attic. Police were not able to find any of Dawn's remains and have not located her skull.

He has given police two different reasons as to why he killed Dawn. One is that the two were using cocaine and she was bothering him while he attempted to sleep. In order to deal with Dawn's behavior, he reportedly taped her mouth shut and bound both her hands and feet.

David then fell asleep and "panicked" when he woke up next to Dawn's body. When asked why he was afraid, he responded, "She was hard."

But the other explanation David gave to police was that he simply "got violent." He has pleaded not guilty to the charges and the trial is ongoing.