Coulter Murder Post Pulled; Author Wants Women Who've Had Abortions Publicized (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Shirley and Banister Public Affairs)

Ann Coulter's controversial post suggesting that Meghan McCain be murdered has been pulled by Fox News. Coulter has seemingly moved on and called for the names of women who have had abortions so that other mothers will know which women "might be willing to murder a child."

"Why can't we get a record of women who have had abortion?" Coulter asked Sean Hannity during last night's show. "They get money from Planned Parenthood; they get money from Medicare and Medicaid, much of these are tax subsidies. I think mothers might want to know what other women on their street might be willing to murder a child."

Coulter made the comparison to one New York paper's decision to print the names and addresses of gun owners in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties. The Journal News' decision was met with harsh criticism from local residents.

"You have judges, policemen, retired policemen, FBI agents – they have permits. Once you allow the public to see where they live, that puts them in harm's way," Paul Piperato, the Rockland county clerk, told The Journal News reporter Dwight R. Worley.

That decision also did not sit well with Coulter, who said that gun control advocates were like "hysterical women" who "refuse to go after criminals."

"They will not do anything about manifestly crazy people– no, no, no– we have to let them walk the streets of Manhattan, defecate in the street, you have the ACLU defending crazy people. And liberals won't let us go after the criminals, no they specifically go out and try to harm people who by definition do not have criminal records so that their guns can be stolen by criminals!" Coulter said.

Coulter famously took on the topic of abortion in her book, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism." "Abortion is the sacrament and 'Roe v. Wade' is Holy Writ," Coulter wrote. "This is why we have to have World War III every time there's an opening on the Supreme Court. As long as 'Roe' is the law of the land, elected Democrats can hide behind the Supreme Court's ruling."

Watch Coulter on Sean Hannity's show here: