Courtland Rogers Blames Jenelle Evans' Miscarriage on Heroin Use in New Video

It's been barely one week since Jenelle Evans had a miscarriage, and now her future ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, has spoken out about the situation. He has blamed Evans' drug use for causing the miscarriage in a new video posted to the web.

"That's why she had a miscarriage," Courtland says in the video on Radar Online. "The whole time I'm telling Jenelle you can't be doing this [expletive]. It's going to kill our baby."

When the couple went to the doctor to check on Evans' pregnancy, Courtland explained: "The OBGYN asked her why she had opiates in her system. It was her first trimester. I knew something bad was going to happen."

"Malnutrition, venereal disease, hepatitis, pulmonary complications, preeclampsia and third-trimester bleeding are the most common maternal complications, while fetal death, intrauterine growth retardation, prematurity and withdrawal symptoms affect the fetus and neonate," a report by Dr. Richard A. Bashore and other doctors explained.

Evans lost the baby on Jan. 24, and Rogers was allegedly kept from being with her in the hospital. He was also not immediately told about the situation and had to learn about it from friends. Rogers has blamed Kieffer Delp, one of Evans' exes, for introducing her to and getting her hooked on heroin.

Since the miscarriage, Evans has taken comfort with her ex-fiancé, Gary Head. She has tweeted her thanks for his support during this time, causing many to wonder if they were together while she was still married to Rogers.

Throughout the video, Rogers is seen chopping up a white substance, which Tiffany, the friend who brought the video to Radar Online, said, "was heroin."

Evans and Rogers had a very tumultuous relationship, marrying very quickly due to a "pressing issue" and divorcing less than two months later. She has filed assault charges against him, including one against an unborn child. The two are due in court soon to work things out and finalize the divorce.