Courtney Cox Minus Make-Up for Directorial Debut

Courtney Cox, best known for her time spent playing Monica Geller on popular sitcom "Friends," was seen minus makeup while directing Lifetime's "Tall Hot Blonde," which she also stars in.

Ever the celebrity, Courtney Cox usually goes out with a face full of makeup, dressing in high-end styles for red carpet appearances. However, now that she's behind the camera, her look is much more toned down: the 47-year-old sported an olive blazer, gold hoop earrings, black denim jeans, flats, and sunglasses to go with her plain look.

Despite needing a considerably less flashy look for her job, Cox has told reporters before that directing everything from behind the camera is her dream job.

"I love directing. I thought 'Oh my god, this is perfect for my personality, to be involved in every little detail," the 47-year-old told USA Today. Although she appears to be enjoying her directing stint for Lifetime, it certainly isn't her first time calling the shots.

She directed two episodes of the third season of her show, "Cougar Town," in which she also stars. She also was executive producer for television show "Dirt" along with her then-husband, David Arquette.

Though Cox once said "beauty over 40 is a slippery slope," according to Us magazine, she seems to be handling her separation from David Arquette in October of 2010. Though she may have toned down her look, she said that after over a year going dateless, she's ready to meet someone.

"No guys's asked me out. I'm not saying I'm not ready to have a make-out session, but it just makes me nervous," the actress told Howard Stern in February of this year. "I don't like the go out in general."

For now, however, she is enjoying her work on "Tall Hot Blonde," which involves domestic abuse, but with a twist.

"There's a murder out of jealousy. It's a really interesting documentary. It's a great role for a guy- and it's not your typical battered woman," said Cox.