CP World Report: Egypt Election Winner, Syria Violence, Jerry Sandusky, Church of the Nativity

Massive celebrations erupted in Cairo as Muslim Brotherhood's – Mohammed Morsi – was officially declared the new president of Egypt. Authorities were on "high alert" for potential violence if Ahmed Shafiq had won. Shafiq was Morsi's rival and former Vice President to Hosni Mubarek. He was also the preference of the Christian Copts who have been suffering greater persecution in post-Mubarek Egypt. The vote was close, with Morsi just under 52% and Shafiq just over 48%. But with a dissolved parliament and no constitution, the country's military rulers maintain much of the control.

Turkey has called an emergency session of NATO after declaring that Syria shot down of one its fighter jets. Turkey says it amounts to a direct challenge to its national security. NATO intends to meet tomorrow to discuss how to respond. Turkey admitted the aircraft had inadvertently entered Syrian territory.

Jerry Sandusky was put on suicide watch following his guilty verdict on 45 criminal charges related to the sexual assault of 10 boys over a 15 year period. Sandusky, was placed away from other inmates in protective custody . The defense team of the 68 year old former Penn State Assistant football coach announced plans to appeal the verdict, as Sandusky now faces jail for the rest of his life.

Ontario Provincial Police say they have a two-page list of people who are unaccounted for after part of a roof-top parking lot collapsed at a mall in the northern Ontario city of Elliot Lake. 22 people were injured. Witnesses say two cars went through the roof . The cave-in triggered a gas leak and the city mayor declared a state of emergency. Structural repairs to the mall had been ongoing. Investigations continue.

A church in North Carolina was struggling to get through the recession. A local bank was ready to take over the property because of a foreclosure... But the kindness of a stranger stopped the process. Here's the story…...

UNESCO will decide over the next week whether The Church of the Nativity will become a World Heritage Site – a title reserved for locations considered to have outstanding Universal Value. The site is said to be the birthplace of Christ and it will include the Pilgrimage Route in Bethlehem. To be eligible for a World heritage site designation, the applicant must be a recognized state and UNESCO voted to allow Palestine admission as a full member into its agency last year, after President Mahmoud Abbas made a case for Palestinian statehood and U.N. membership.

Nearly two years after arriving in America with the promise of a new nose and ears, 22 year old Aesha Mohammadzai has finally begun the process of reconstructive surgery. Ayesha became a poster child for the oppression of women in Afghanistan with the haunting picture and story …. featured on the front cover of Time Magazine almost two years ago. Her face was mutilated by her Taliban husband and in-laws. She has just undergone almost 6 hours of surgery on her face, the first of about 6 more over the next two years at a hospital in Maryland.