CP World Report: General John Allen, Israel, Child Sex Abuse, UK Gay Marriage

In light of the second news bombshell in the Petraeus scandal--involving inappropriate communications between the commander of U-S and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General John Allen and Jill Kelley--a Pentagon spokesman says Allen will remain commander of NATO's International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan for now. Kelley is the woman who triggered the original Petraeus probe after saying she got threatening e-mails from his mistress, Paula Broadwell. General John Allen's nomination to become NATO's supreme allied commander, however, is on hold.

Muslim cleric Abu Qatada is out on bail in the UK-- after he won his appeal fighting deportation to Jordan. Qatada is accused of funding terrorist groups – including organizations linked directly to former Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. He is also said to have inspired one of the 9/11 hijackers. Qatada arrived in the UK in 1993 and claimed asylum for himself, his wife and three children…….on the grounds that he had been tortured by Jordanian authorities.

In response to the exchange of fire with Syria, Israeli President Shimon Peres made it clear that Israel stands ready to defend itself. Peres also talked about other hot button issues in the Mideast: Iran's nuclear ambitions and why he supports the sanctions that are in place.

Canadian Senators are poised to reject Bill C-290 that would allow gamblers to bet on single sporting events like the Super Bowl. The bill passed unanimously in the House of Commons and if rejected by the Senators, it would mark the first time in history that the Upper Chamber has rejected legislation unanimously in the House of Commons. Currently, the criminal code prohibits betting on individual sports games. Bill C-290 could financially help Caesars Windsor and other Ontario casinos. Bill C-290 would allow gamblers to bet on single sporting events, like the Super Bowl. The NHL urged the Senate not to pass it, saying the game's integrity is essential to its popularity.

Australia's leading Roman Catholic official has said the problem with child sex abuse cases is not exclusive to the Church nor as widespread as the media makes it seem. George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney says the Church will cooperate with the government's plan to investigate such cases but he says that tragically, it happens in families, churches, community groups, schools and other organizations. Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox, who is leading the investigation into multiple allegations of child sex abuse accused the Church of coverups.

Military chaplains in the UK who oppose gay marriage could be disciplined or sacked. Former defence minister Gerald Howarth raised the concerns in a letter to defence secretary Philip Hammond. He warned chaplains could encounter problems if they continue to uphold a traditional view of marriage after the Government has pushed through its redefinition of marriage to include gay couples. The Government has given assurances that churches will not be compelled to conduct same-sex marriages. But Hammond said Ministers are in no position to make such promises since the interpretation of any new law will rest with the courts and, ultimately, the European Court of Human Rights.


For years, doctors have been looking for links that will help them better understand why some children develop autism and others don't. So far there are only theories, but now doctors are finding more clues about how a mother's health may be related.