CP World Report: Hosni Mubarak, G-20, Baby Ryan Roberts, China Forced Abortions

The 84-year-old former president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, is clinically dead according to some reports. The state-run Middle East News Agency said he died shortly after arriving yesterday at a military hospital in Cairo, after suffering a stroke and cardiac arrest . However a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said he isn't clinically dead as reported, but is in critical condition and deteriorating.

Meanwhile…..The fate of Egypt's political system is up in the air after controversial elections. Just as Islamist Mohammed Morsi backed by the Muslim Brotherhood declared victory, the country's military rulers issued a decree that virtually stripped the position of power. Egypt remains without a constitution and without a parliament. Israeli President Shimon Peres had this to say about the Muslim Brotherhood's potential leadership.

World leaders have wrapped up their G-20 Summit in Mexico. Here they are, posing for a class family photo! President Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper were there, with Harper easily seen in the video. Europe's debt crisis dominated most of the talks.President Obama also met one-on-one with several leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biggest news from the Summit: the BRICS Economies pledged to increase their contributions to the International Monetary Fund... to help the IMF in case it needs to release funds to assist the Eurozone.

This is little Ryan Roberts... a smiling, happy baby with just weeks to live. His parents say he was given a 10 percent chance of being born alive after being diagnosed with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect. Ryan has had more than 14-hundred procedures in his 21-months of life and he can't take many more. The Roberts' have made a bucket list for their baby boy so he can have a normal childhood for the time he has left. On that list: ride a bike, pet a puppy and have a beach party. His mom started a Facebook page called, "Ryan's Banana Split Party" to inspire people to not take life for granted. People from all over the world have posted photos of them eating the treat in his honor.

A British company and its Aircraft engineers have won a Church-sponsored award for its work in the community. GE Aviation Wales was praised for its work in helping homeless young people and vulnerable women. Company volunteers provided work experience and helped out in fundraising, workshops and projects. The company was handed the Corporate Social Responsibility award at the Inspire Wales Awards, which was sponsored by the Church in Wales.

Texas-based Christian human rights organization ChinaAid has launched a defense fund to fight against forced abortions in China. The move was in light of the recent case involving a seven-month pregnant woman forced by family planning officials to undergo the procedure. ChinaAid president and Founder Bob Fu told our partner --The Christian Post-- that his organization has received numerous cases of urgent need, involving couples facing forced abortions. The Children's Defense Fund will enable families across China--who are being targeted by China's one-child policy--to hire human rights lawyers to defend them.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury—Lord George Carey-- has spoken out on proposals in the U.K to change the traditional definition of marriage. He also spoke out against those that accuse supporters of traditional marriage as being homophobic and intolerant, calling it intolerant and judgmental language that marginalizes people. He asserted the view that the government's interest in marriage should be to preserve the institution for the next generations stability and security.

Adidas has dropped plans for a unique shoe design with a price tag of 350-dollars. The sneaker which was to be released in August, features an ankle cuff, that looks like shackles. Critics complained the shoes were racist and reminiscent of slavery. The sneaker was first previewed months ago, but stirred up controversy when Adidas began promoting it on Facebook. It got 35-thousand likes but angry comments too.


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