CP World Report: Massive March to Jerusalem, Health Care, Pope Benedict, Eating Disorders

A massive march to Jerusalem is planned for tomorrow with communities from around the world calling for "freedom for Palestine and its capital Jerusalem" in an event that has attracted the support of Desmond Tutu, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the nation of Iran. The delegates seek to have one million people march in solidarity along the borders of Israel. The event, called "Global March to Jerusalem," is being orchestrated by the International Central Committee, a group comprised of 42 delegates. Despite its list of supporters Iran---a staunch supporter of Hamas which seeks Israel's destruction-- is the driving force behind the new initiative, with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei saying the march would strengthen "resistance operations" against Israel.

Obamacare in the U.S. is causing an uproar over a clause that mandates individuals to have health insurance , or otherwise face a financial penalty. This clause is the affordable Care Act's key provision, which has gone before the Courts to decide whether it is constitutional. The issue is drawing widespread protests, including from some Christian groups. One of them : the Christian Defense Coalition. And as the Supreme Court deliberated on the controversial provision, Rev Rob Schenck of National Clergy Council took to the streets among protests where he prayed aloud for the nation's Justices. 

Pope Benedict headed back to the Vatican after his meeting with Cuba's former leader, Fidel Castro. The ailing Castro who stepped down from power in 2006 because of illness requested the visit. The Pope has been warmly received in Cuba, 14 years after his predecessor Pope John Paul II paid the first ever Papal visit to the nation. Two sources from Cuba said the Pope also met with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, but Vatican sources say the information was false. The pontiff celebrated Mass in Havana's Revolution Plaza yesterday, and called for "authentic freedom" in one of the world's most oppressive nations.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that communities are not helped by a dependency on welfare. While addressing the Welsh Assembly, Dr Rowan Williams said that society should not assume that all problems can be solved…. top down from the state. The Archbishop suggested a balance by having communities take more responsibility instead of passive welfarism.

A rally about religious rights is being held at 1:30 today outside Ontario's legislative assembly at Queens Park. It's over Bill 13, anti-bullying legislation of which part of it contains activities to promote gay-straight alliances. Concerned Catholic Parents of Ontario organized the rally. They include parents and others who believe that the State is increasingly trespassing on parental rights and pushing programs in schools that undermine the Christian values parents instill in their children at home.

Eating disorders are rampant among youth as we have become increasingly obsessed about weight. The modeling industry has long been identified as a trouble spot. Concerns are raised about the health of super thin models in a brutally competitive industry, and also the message this industry sends out to youth. Israel has now become the first country in the world to bring in legislation that bans underweight models. Matthew Chance gives us a disturbing picture on why…..