CP World Report: Mitt Romney, Coptic Billionaire, Oreo Cookie, Obesity

World Report

Mitt Romney moved closer to the Republican presidential nomination last night after the big Super Tuesday, but failed to decisively break away from his rivals. He won a narrow victory over Rick Santorum in the crucial battleground state of Ohio, but the unpredictable primaries press on. Greg Black filed this report right before the final caucus results rolled in…

As projected Romney took Ohio and as well as Alaska, and Santorum ended up winning North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

And a sad personal loss for the Republicans: Long time Republican and Representative of New Jersey Donald Payne has passed away at 77 after succumbing to colon cancer. The former Chairman of the congressional Black Caucus was diagnosed only a month ago.

Ottawa is scrutinizing its policy of awarding automatic citizenship at birth. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says the policy is outdated and too many foreign citizens are exploiting the "right of soil" unique to North America. Crooked immigration consultants are said to be coaching women known as "birth tourists" who hide their pregnancy as they enter the country. They are taught to stay low until they deliver a Canadian child. Canadian hospitals are also getting stuck with delivery costs. The hotspots are Vancouver and Montreal.

The heart of a 900 year old saint has vanished from Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland, police and the Cathedral said. 
St. Laurence O'Toole's heart was kept in a heart shaped wooden box in a cage bolted to a wall take a listen….

An Egyptian court has rejected the second of two lawsuits Islamists filed against a local Christian tycoon and politician. They accused him of insulting Islam after he posted a cartoon of Mickey Mouse with a beard and Minnie in a face veil on Twitter.

Are you part of the Oreo cookies fan club? Would you believe, the cookies have a Facebook following of 25 million fans. Well, Oreo just celebrated its 100th birthday. On March 6th, 1912, Oreo was created in a Manhattan biscuit factory. It's now sold in a hundred countries. And to celebrate its birthday Kraft, which now owns Oreo, is releasing a limited-edition birthday cake version of the creme filled sandwich cookies.


Obesity is a serious epidemic today with many suffering from food addictions and an ability to escape the yo-yo dieting. This 700 pound 23-year old's plea for help to lose weight has gone viral on the internet. Robert Gibbs struggled with his weight since he was in kindergarten he says; and has been hospitalized twice for his condition. In only 24 hours, his video got 200-thousand hits on Youtube

Robert's YouTube video caught the attention of weight loss guru Chris Powell. The two plan to start working together on Robert's weight loss goals soon.