CP World Report: Morsi Rescinds Power Decree, Supreme Court and Gay Marriage, Syria

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has made the decision to rescind most of his own controversial decree giving himself unlimited powers. Yet it has failed to stem the wave of massive protests against him. An opposition "National Salvation" was declared yesterday; a group that intends to boycott the vote on the new constitution, arguing that it was impossible against a background of Muslim Brotherhood intimidation. Yet the government insists that the referendum will go ahead on December 15th as planned. Morsi has now issued a decree giving the army powers of arrest and detention of civilians until the result of the referendum is announced. So far, clashes have claimed eight lives with more than 700 injured. Meanwhile…Christian Solidarity Worldwide has called upon the UK government to raise concerns—with a matter of urgency—about what is going on in Egypt.

The situation in Syria may be reaching boiling point.
U-S officials are warning President Bashar al-Assad against the use of weapons of mass destruction.

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to review two crucial bills concerning same-sex marriage: the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8. Justices will also decide on whether same-sex couples who have been legally married will have the right to the same benefits as straight couples under federal law. President Obama says he will not continue to support the Defense of Marriage Act and a New York court also ruled the Act unconstitutional earlier this year, saying that married same-sex couples should not be denied the same federal benefits as straight couples. The Supreme Court's decisions on the Act and Prop. 8 next year are expected to have far-reaching consequences and play a major factor in the future of marriage in the U.S.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to announce his support for religious institutions wishing to perform same-sex ceremonies. Reports also indicate Churches that do not wish to do so will be allowed to back out. Cameron has repeatedly stated that he would not force churches to oversee such ceremonies and has stated that he would respect and protect the religious freedom of religious institutions. But skeptics are concerned Churches may eventually be forced to perform same sex blessings, given a double standard that complicates the legal process.

An effort to debunk what many considered a miracle ... has triggered an argument over free speech and religious tolerance in Mumbai. As Ram Ramgopal explains, a man was charged with blasphemy after giving a rational explanation for a statue of Jesus that seemed to weep