CP World Report: Obama v. Romney Debate, Taliban, European Union

The Obama campaign has made it clear that President Obama will be more aggressive in his second debate with Mitt Romney tonight. There is a hint that he will go after the Republican presidential nominee at several angles - from women's issues to Romney's tax plan and his tenure at Bain Capital. And how is Romney expected to handle this attack? According to his campaign adviser Ed Gillespie : Romney will handle the expected attack by doing what he did in the first debate by addressing his agenda about those policies.

The young Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban - was still in a chemically induced coma as she arrived in the U-K for medical treatment. In the meantime, is the Taliban on its way out in Pakistan? Reza Say-eh has a full report on the demonstration in Pakistan.

The World Council of Churches has congratulated the European Union on receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. It was awarded in recognition of the EU's contribution to the advancement of peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe. Some have criticized the decision to give the prize to the EU in light of the prolonged economic crisis and social unrest affecting some of the members.

Churches have united in London England for the historic launch of a global Christian response to corruption. EXPOSED is being led by Christian organisations including Micah Challenge, The Salvation Army, Bible Society and the World Evangelical Alliance. The year-long campaign also educates about corruption, with the warning that corruption is a major contributing factor to global poverty. EXPOSED will lobby governments to pass laws that put a stop to all forms of corruption.


There's been a lot of controversy over the H-P-V vaccine. Because the inoculation is designed to protect young people against a common sexually transmitted disease, some people believe the shot gives the go-ahead for many teens to have sex. But researchers are finding that's not the case. Here's Catherine Kim with today's Health Minute.