CP World Report: RNC, Youcef Nadarkhani, Pakistan Blasphemy Law, Nigeria

The Republican National convention is now in full swing and Texas Congressman Ron Paul immediately grabbed the headlines last night. The media long determined that Ron Paul finally saw the light, threw in the towel and ended his campaign. But…… his supporters believe that – while he won't be campaigning in the primary states he is…actually…. still in the race, and will focus on winning delegates in caucus states. In fact his supporters disrupted the Convention to make one final push for Paul's bid for the nomination. They shouted and booed in response to the official republican platform rules was adopted; rules that would hinder Paul's grassroots campaign. The boos then erupted into loud cheers as he took to the convention floor.

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And……An ugly race incident apparently entered the fray of Convention, after two people threw peanuts at a black CNN camera woman and commented quote: This is how we feed animals. Some speculate that it wasn't intended to be racist but a gesture attacking CNN, which is widely perceived to be anti-Republican. The two were ejected for the Convention, while the Romney team called the action: ugly, despicable and has no place in the Republican party.

Well….a big part of the Romney vs. Obama contest has been the black vote. Well former Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice addressed the issue……

Iran is preparing to host a summit for developing nations. Reza Sayah reports the preparations include a gruesome display…

Meantime, last week…..the American Jewish Committee --an advocacy group--urged Iran's Non-Alignment Movement summit to address the plight of Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. The Christian minister has been imprisoned for over 1,000 days , charged with apostasy. Well it wasn't addressed at the summit, and Jordan Sekulow, executive council of the American Center for Law and Justice, said the summit's failure to do so is "no surprise." In addition, another Iranian Pastor Behnam Irani is in bad shape in jail…also for apostasy. He's being beaten unconscious, now has an ulcer and a blood infection.

As most of the western world remains in shock over the news in Pakistan that an 11-year-old Christian girl believed to have Down syndrome was imprisoned over the nation's strict blasphemy laws, the Institute on Religion and Democracy has praised the World Council of Churches decision to hold an urgent international conference on the issue. The Institute's Religious Liberty Program Director, Faith McDonnell , said in a statement that the conditions for Pakistani Christians is deplorable. Little Rimsha was put in jail for allegedly burning pages of the Koran. She and her family were also attacked by mobs in her village.

The government of Nigeria has revealed that it has finally established contact with Islamist extremist group Boko Haram. It hopes to start peace talks – although some members of the international community remain skeptical . Boko Haram has been targeting Nigeria's Christians—vowing to eliminate it from the region, to establish Sharia law in the nation. The group has attacked churches using guns and car bombs almost weekly for over a year.

A mere Church sign outside in Vienna, Virginia is stirring up controversy because a county ordinance prevents more than two messages a day on portable signs.

And the Church sometimes has three. Its officials have tried to compromise with the county but has now decided to sue, claiming its religious and free speech rights have been violated. Neighbors say the ordinance is silly, especially considering the type of messages the sign displays. For example: a storm-related display that says "we have shelter."


As we age, the memory sometimes starts to go. Prevention may easier than you think, as Susan Hendricks reports….