CP World Report: Superstorm Sandy, Nigeria Bombing, Rome Protest, Iran

Superstorm Sandy is blamed for at least 11 deaths as it hit the American North East and knocked out electricity to more than five-million people.

At least seven people have been killed and dozens injured in another suicide bombing in northern Nigeria. An explosive-laden vehicle drove into St Rita's Catholic Church which was packed with worshippers. It happened in Kaduna which has been targeted by Islamist militant group Boko Haram in recent months. Boko Haram says it is fighting to create an Islamic state in Nigeria, with a population of 160 million people. Christian President Goodluck Jonathan promised to "re-double" his government's efforts to tackle terrorism and violence.

British actor and comedian, Rowan Atkinson is defending free speech in the UK. Best known as "Mr. Bean," Atkinson has given his full support to a newly launched campaign aimed at reforming the UK's controversial insults law. Christian website "The Way" reported that Atkinson warned against "a new but intense desire to gag uncomfortable voices of dissent," in which he termed a "New Intolerance." And…. he also noted that criticism, unfavorable comparison or "merely stating an alternative point of view"--under Section 5 of the Public Order Act …. could lead to arrest in its present form.

The search for Malala's attackers is intensifying. The 15-year old Pakistani activist--who was shot in the head by the Taliban--is recovering in a British hospital. Pakistan's Interior minister sat down with Senior International correspondent Matthew Chance to discuss the search for justice for Malala.

Demonstrators lined the streets of Rome to protest the Italian government's austerity measures.
It was dubbed "No Monti Day" by unions. Tens of thousands of people attended amid the heavy police presence. Italian prime minister Mario Monti and his Spanish counterpart, Mariano Rajoy, will meet in Madrid for talks on the economy .Analysts will be watching for any indication that Spain will request a bailout.

Iran claims it has images of secret Israeli military bases taken by a drone that was launched by Lebanon's Hezbollah group. Analysts say the announcement appeared as a warning to Israel about Iran's advanced capabilities, aimed at deterring Israel from any plans to strike Iranian nuclear sites. Iran has also boasted about drones capable of carrying weapons and that it has been flying undetected drones into Israeli airspace from Lebanon in recent years.