CP World Report: Turkey Fires at Syria, Nigeria Massacre, Coptic Children, UK Same-Sex Marriage

Turkey's Parliament went into an emergency closed door session to discuss a bill that would authorize its military to launch cross border operations in Syria. The session followed Turkey firing on Syrian targets for a second day, even though Turkey says it has no intention of declaring war. Deadly shelling from Syria killed five civilians in a Turkish border town which has added a dangerous new dimension to a conflict that is pulling Syria's neighbors deeper into what is already starting to look like…a proxy war. Iran supports Syria, while Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are backing the opposition.

Meanwhile…Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Miliki said his country is affected more than anyone. He criticized foreign powers for supplying arms to Syrian rebels and says countries should stick to the agreed upon peace plan……

Terror in Nigeria: Between 25 to 30 Christian college students were massacred at a university in northeastern Nigeria—execution-style. Masked gunmen went door-to-door in the off-campus housing section of Federal Polytechnic College in Mubi. Christians there are now praying for a "change of heart" among the Islamic radical group Boko Haram . That group has vowed to eliminate Christianity in the region. Open Doors USA is calling for Christians in the West to bear the burden and pray. It's spokesman—Jerry Dykstra—says Nigeria is becoming a killing field.

Two Coptic Christian children reportedly remain in custody in Egypt after a sheik told authorities they defaced a copy of the Koran. Daily News Egypt reports that the children — 9 and 10-- were accused of ripping two pages from the Koran and urinating on them. The children have denied the incident and said they found the pages on a street. They are being held at a local juvenile detention facility on charges of contempt of religion, awaiting trial and sentencing.

A prominent religious figure in the U.K. has issued a warning that the Church will not be the only entity affected if the government passes same sex marriage laws. Cormac Murphy O'Connor is a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and former President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. He argued that traditional marriage is an important pillar in humanity; and the "bedrock of our social life and culture. He accused the British government of pushing through a controversial agenda where polling showed that the majority of MP's in government don't want to redefine marriage.

October is National Anti-Bullying month and here's a story for you that's now the talk of the country…maybe the continent. A viewer sent Jennifer Livingston---a TV anchor from Wisconsin --an e-mail, criticizing her weight, and implying that she was a bad role model for young girls. Her response to him, went viral. Livingston explained to the ladies of "H.L.N's Evening Express" why she chose to confront the man…..


A deadly outbreak of meningitis has killed four people and has made 26 others….sick.
Federal health officials fear the number of cases will increase. The strain is being described as non-contagious.