CP World Report: Yemen and Al Qaeda, Pope Twitter, Flash Mob for Cancer Patient

A new report by Amnesty International on a human rights crisis in Yemen has exposed that an Al Qaeda linked group is responsible for terrifying violence. Mohammed Jamjoom will have the story, but first we should warn you: Some images in his report are much too graphic to show and have been blurred. Even so, the descriptions of what happened may be upsetting to some.

A flash mob of get-well wishers have helped bring a smile to an elementary school teacher battling cancer.

The official Pope Twitter username will be @pontifex starting Dec. 12 when Pope Benedict is set to launch his own Twitter account, joining the massive social network with the specific mission to enlighten the masses and answer questions about faith. The Twitter page of the 85-year-old leader of the Roman Catholic Church is already available and has attracted over half a million already. The Catholic Church has 1.2 billion adherents worldwide. The Vatican says it will be the Pope himself writing up responses to future questions.

It was a day of celebration for a church in Ring-gold, Georgia. The Mount Peria Baptist Church was destroyed when a powerful tornado ripped through the city last year. According to the pastor, the twister destroyed the building, but not the church. They continued holding services outside the rubble of their old church .... until it was rebuilt. Church members say it's been a long journey...but well worth it.

The big Royal news is starting to sink in. News broke Monday that Prince William and his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their first child. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair described the reaction in Britain.

Tag: Kate spent her second day in hospital yesterday battling acute morning sickness. William and Catherine's child will be next in line to the British throne after William, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl