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'Criminal Minds' Season 13 Episode 16: End of the Road for One BAU Member

'Criminal Minds' Season 13 Episode 16: End of the Road for One BAU Member

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Prentiss (Paget Brewster) and the others will rebel against Linda Barnes' (Kim Rhodes) style of leadership in the upcoming episode of "Criminal Minds."

In the episode titled "Last Gasp," the synopsis reveals that the BAU will track down an UnSub who targets young women. After kidnapping them, he takes their photographs to add them to his collection. The squad, however, plans to solve the case without Barnes' help. The members will meet in secret, with Prentiss (Paget Brewster) once again taking the lead on the case. The promo shows the agent reminding her subordinates that they are violating direct orders. The others affirm that they know what they are getting themselves into. Barnes will discover their secret soon, though. In the clip, she is telling someone to turnover his/her gun and badge.

When Barnes forced Prentiss to take an administrative leave, she had one purpose in mind. She needed BAU to get the promotion she wanted. Prentiss had to be eliminated so Barnes could do whatever she has planned without fear of being reported to the higher ups. She appointed JJ (A.J. Cook) as the acting chief, knowing that the agent would be a lot easier to handle than Prentiss. She also made sure that all the BAU transactions would go through her first. In an interview with TV Guide, Kirsten Vangsness, who plays Garcia, previewed what is going to happen in episode 15

"There's a little sprinkling of how bad it gets, and then it gets a million times worse. ... The episode that will air on March 14 — you need this episode in order to really inform it. This is one of those classic, cool the case and then the Barnes of it all on top of it [episodes]. You get to see people outside of their natural habitat. You get to see more of that in other episodes. Paget [Brewster, Prentiss] is still in the episode, she's just not with the team. You have other team members trying to be there for her and with her. You will see everyone in environments that you'd never to expect. We were shooting on locations," Vangsness teased.

"Criminal Minds" season 13 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.


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