'Criminal Minds' Season 9 Spoilers: Characters' 'Personal Secrets' Revealed?

The CBS drama "Criminal Minds" is set to return on Sept. 25, and many fans lament having to wait all summer to hear about the cast of the show. Luckily for those fans, "Criminal Minds" star Joe Mantegna provided some spoilers for the upcoming 9th season of the show.

Joe Montegna, who plays David Rossi on the hit drama, told E! News that he will be directing the first episode of season 9. It will be his first time directing "Criminal Minds." He spoke with E! News at the 2013 Monte Carlo Television Festival.

He went on to say that as director he wants "to try and have some input on some storylines." Montegna went on to praise the writers and express his hopes for the show.

"The writers are so good that we all give them free reign. I take my job seriously playing David Rossi, and they take their job seriously writing this show. Where they're going to lead us, I don't know. I didn't know how the season was going to end this year and I loved it. I thought it was dramatic, shocking, all those things. The only thing I would hope for is they explore the personal sides of all our characters, all seven characters, and we've been doing that," the star told E! News.

Montegna offered some spoilers about his character David Rossi as well.

"We've already learned [Rossi's] had three former wives and that he lost one of them. We know about his military background. Beyond that, we'll see. There may some more other secrets that are unveiled, as well as things about all the other characters," he explained.

It seems that the ninth season of "Criminal Minds" may provide viewers with answers to cliffhangers and expose secrets that have been building up throughout the show's 9-year run.