Danny DeVito Surfaces After Split: 'Everythings Good' as Actor Revisits Youth

Danny DeVito, director of "Pulp Fiction," made his first public appearance over the weekend, following his split from his wife of 30 years Rhea Perlman.

DeVito met Perlman in 1971. The couple moved in together after only two weeks of knowing each other and married in 1982. Their first child was born in 1983 and they share three children altogether. The couple acted together in the popular television show, "Taxi" and also founded Jersey Films, a production company known for films such as Pulp Fiction, Garden State, and Freedom Writers.

But in earlier this month, after 30 years of marriage and over 40 years of being together, the couple announced that they were separating. The news surprised many fans, who presumed that the couple was happily married.

DeVito was spotted without Perlman for the first time over the weekend. When asked about how he was doing, he offered a thumbs up according to TMZ.

"Everything's good," the actor announced.

In the past, DeVito stated that he loved his wife although he was not sure if that was the secret to their then successful relationship.

"Love. I mean, really. [But] you know what? Who knows," the actor has said according to People Magazine. "The secret to success is to try to never figure that out."

When reports surfaced that the couple had split due to the fact that DeVito had a wandering eye, his representatives were quick to deny any such claims although they did not offer a reason for the sudden separation.

"Despite his reputation as a lovable, funny guy in movies and on TV, Danny's actually quite the flirt and ladies' man. Like a lot of red-blooded males, if he sees an attractive girl in a coffee shop or walking down the street, he will give her the eye," a source told RadarOnline. "After years of turning a blind eye to it, Rhea finally snapped. She had enough of his bad-boy behavior and wanted an end to their marriage.

The couple has not yet announced that they will seek a divorce. In the meantime, DeVito is allegedly looking to "cut loose."

"Danny has been embracing the single life," the source told Radar. "He is revisiting his youth and feels like a young man again and can do whatever he wants.

"His good friend Jack Nicholson lives a care-free and easy life – and Danny wants exactly the same at the moment," the source added. "He's done his duty as a parent, raising his three kids, and now that they're adults, he's looking to cut loose."