David Beckham in Underwear for Super Bowl Ad

H&M will debut a commercial during the Super Bowl this Sunday that depicts David Beckham revealing a new bodywear line. The release comes as Tim Tebow prominently gives publicity to rival Jockey.

Star athletes are beginning to make a name for themselves outside of their field. H&M recently announced that it will air a new bodywear commercial centered around David Beckham, who is to have his own line for the Swedish retail clothing company.

During a release, Beckham explained how excited he was about his commercial debut. "I'm excited about my bodywear ad featuring in this year's Super Bowl," Beckham said. "Like every fan, I'm looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday."

Beckham's line will be released in over 1,800 stores worldwide and will include briefs, boxers, tank tops, T-shirts, pajamas and long underwear.

Commercials revealing athletes in underwear has become almost a trend, especially since Tim Tebow signed on for Jockey. According to Business Insider, Chief Marketing Director at Jockey, Dustin Cohn, has said that, "Tebowmania has helped Jockey and been a 'lightening rod' for the company's sales in both men's and women's lines."

Jockey secured the pro football quarterback as a spokesman for their company in 2010. Tebow had positive things to say about the company when he signed on. "I'm excited to represent the Jockey brand and to work with such an innovative company. I've long been a fan and consumer of Jockey, and think they make a quality product with a great fit. I'm looking forward to a great relationship with such a respectable company."

In January Jockey International Inc. put up $1 million of underwear, betting that Tebow could bring home a championship over the New England Patriots. When Jockey launched a survey, over 54 percent were rooting that Tebow could do it.

However when Jockey surveyed whether fans would rather see Tebow or Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady in their underpants, 57 percent voted for Brady and only 44 percent for Tebow. Given the Patriot win during the game and in the survey, it is perhaps only a matter of time until Brady is signing his own underwear contract.