David Hasselhoff Fired From 'Britain's Got Talent,' Starts Twitter Campaign But Gives Up

Actor David Hasselhoff was fired from his stint as a host on “Britain’s Got Talent," and he attempted to start a Twitter campaign to be rehired, but finally, gave up.

Hasselhoff, 59, judged contestants with Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, and Michael McIntyre. After only one season on the show, he was let go, allegedly because he did not understand some of the contestants’ accents.

After the firing, Hasselhoff appealed to his various fans, many of which came from the very popular “Baywatch” series. The self-proclaimed “Hoff” asked his followers to tweet to Simon Cowell, who owns the show, and his @GotTalent franchise to petition his firing.

A post on his website read: "It's time for action Hoff fans! If you want me back on 'Britain's Got Talent' please tell @GotTalent and @SimonCowell on Twitter how you feel about it! Don't forget to comment on their Facebook page too! Let's start WeWantTheHoffBackOnBGT hashtag on Twitter and keep it going. Time to hit them hard. I have lot of faith in you and they can't ignore your wish to bring me back. Love and respect, DH."

Apparently, his efforts were ill received, as less than 24 hours later, Hasselhoff decided to accept defeat, expressing his sentiments through Twitter.

"Thanks to everyone who supported me on my Britain's Got Talent days. Nothing but fond memories of the cast and crew and thanks to Simon Cowell,” tweeted the television personality.

Hasseflhoff’s efforts to remain civil with his former employer and employees could serve another purpose: to garner sympathy for stimulating his career.

Hasselhoff is starring in a new Peter Pan adaptation as Captain Hook, and it would behoove him not to upset fans with unbecoming behavior. To that end, he is amicable about his firing, and encourages fans to see him live.

He tweeted about the occurrence, saying, “So it's official. I'm not coming back to Britain's Got Talent. So if you want to see me live come check me out in Bristol as Hoff the Hook in Peter Pan XXX.”

As for Britain’s Got Talent, the sixth season could see any number of possible judges, but rumors suggest that Dannii Minogue, comedian David Walliams, or EastEnders star Samantha Womack could fill the vacant spot.