David Petraeus Emails Raise Security Concerns After CIA Director's Affair

Emails sent by Paula Broadwell revealing an affair between her and former CIA director David Petraeus have raised security concerns.

Retired Gen. David Petraeus stepped down from his position as CIA director last week after acknowledging an affair with a previously unnamed woman. It later came to light that the woman was author Paula Broadwell, the director's biographer. The affair was discovered when Broadwell allegedly sent "threatening emails" to the State Department military liaison, according to the Associated Press.

A friend to Petraeus and former top aide told AP on Monday that the affair between with Broadwell had begun only two months after Petraeus became CIA director in 2011. Petraeus is married to Holly Petraeus who is "not exactly pleased right now" about the affair.

But outside of questionable loyalties, the affair has also raised security concerns for some, especially considering that Broadwell, who is also married, admitted that she had been privy to "classified" information.

"I was entrusted with this opportunity to sit in on high level meetings with General Petraeus. Sitting in on SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility) meetings in the morning, listen to classified chatter of terrorist talk and so forth," she said in a July panel discussion at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.

However, the FBI has stated that there has been no security breach and that the affair pertained solely to Petraeus' personal life.

"The FBI investigation found only a personal drama and no security issues connected to the affair, and no charges are expected," CBS News correspondent Bob Orr reported.

Petraeus was scheduled to testify before Congress on Thursday about the deadly Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate. While Deputy Mike Morell has been elected to to fill his role, lawmakers are still looking for a statement from Petraeus.

"I don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in Benghazi before, during and after the attack if General Petraeus doesn't testify," Senator Lindsey Graham told Face the Nation.