Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Debbie Ford Dies in February 2013 at 57: Self-Help Guru Leaves Behind Legacy

Debbie Ford Dies in February 2013 at 57: Self-Help Guru Leaves Behind Legacy

Debbie Ford's February 2013 death was the result of her battle with cancer. A family member revealed that the noted self-help and motivational author died Sunday at 57 in San Diego.

Debbie Ford was perhaps most well known for her book "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers," in which she chronicled her journey from the brink of drug addiction. The 1998 book was slated to help readers overcome their emotional baggage and pain, but also propelled the mother of one to a self-help guru.

"The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" helped introduce her philosophies gained from years of spiritual retreats, motivational seminars, and other self-help books. By admitting our own weaknesses, she wrote, we can transform them into strengths.

After her book became a New York Times bestseller, Ford continued to write, penning eight more books in her lifetime. She also began workshops and hosted radio and TV shows to help other overcome their personal struggles.

"Her legacy and work will live on through the programs she developed and through her loving and devoted staff at The Ford Institute for Transformational Training," her sister Arielle said in a statement. "Debbie was also a giver. Her generosity is legendary and one of her proudest accomplishments was assisting Beau with his Bar Mitzvah project to build a school in rural Uganda."

Arielle also reminded the public of her sister's commitment to women and children with the various organizations she helped.

"Through her Collective Heart Foundation in partnership with the Just Like My Child Foundation, several important programs to help women and children are now thriving including a Girl Power project," Arielle added. "You can support this by visiting"

Ford is survived by her son Beau, her mother, family and friends.


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