DecembeRadio's Advice for a Hurting Nation: Be Strong

With many Americans experiencing difficulty in the wake of Hurricane Irene’s damaging effects, Christian rock band DecembeRadio has one simple message, “Be Strong.”

DecembeRadio released its fourth recording, Southern Attic Sessions, for Slanted Records. With this being the United States’ most costly year for property damage, the album filled with messages on overcoming is one that the band feels is definitely relevant.

Although the messages on this album serve as a soothing ointment for a hurting nation, ironically, these songs were written years before there were any signs of trouble, lead guitarist Brian Bunn explained in a recent BREATHEcast interview.

“You know what’s kind of funny is, a lot of these songs are actually perfect timing for now. We actually had written (these songs) about four or five years ago, and we didn’t use them at the time and we kind of wondered why and I guess its just God’s timing. He knew that we would need these songs for this time.”

“Be Strong” along with other songs on the album were written with the intention for them to “just be an encouragement to people who were going through tough times.”