Demi Lovato Documentary News: Artist Admits Drug Abuse in Official Trailer

Reuters/Danny MoloshokDemi Lovato bares all her demons in her upcoming YouTube documentary.

Demi Lovato has released the official trailer for her upcoming YouTube documentary, where she confesses her abuse of illegal substances.

The "Body Say" singer will be releasing a YouTube documentary, titled "Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated," which talks about her struggles during her time of depression and drug abuse.

In the official trailer, Demi confessed to the camera, "I went on like a bender of like two months where I was using it daily."

The "Heart Attack" singer also admitted that she was finding it hard to talk about her past in the interview. However, Demi wants to remain honest about what she has been through.

"I don't know what everyone's gonna think. One thing I'll never stop doing is being honest and that's the best I can do," Demi revealed.

The people around Demi's life will also be speaking in the documentary, talking about her rise to fame and what she was like when she developed depression, eating disorders, and resorted to drug abuse.

"Demi was on a road to like suicide," Demi's personal development coach Mike Bayer said to the camera. Aside from that, the documentary will also talk about what happened when she punched one of her back up dancers and how going to rehab changed her life.

Although "Simply Complicated" covers the darkest hours of the artist's life, Demi hopes that her fans, the Lovatics, can see a lighter side of her.

"I like to think I'm funny, and I'd like to think that I have positive energy," Demi shared in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Demi also shared that "Simply Complicated" is actually a sequel to her documentary in 2012, titled "Stay Strong."

"The last documentary, it was about me surviving. This documentary is about me thriving," said the singer.

"Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated" will premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 17 on YouTube.